Academic Strategy

Academic Strength

Teaching is not merely the writing of facts on the board and conveying the concepts involved. It is the art of drawing the attention of the students, penetrating their thinking process and connecting them comprehensively with the subject. It is the process of simplifying the subject, eliminating the popped doubts and making learning really a fun. That kind of teaching comes with knowledge, dedication, commitment and the experience.

Vision40 is the vision of such forward-thinking faculties who are set to bring sweeping changes in IIT coaching with their innovative approach.

    • At VISION40, we conduct extensive teaching and intensive revision.
    • At VISION40, there is no micro schedule for teaching. Instead, there is only macro schedule.
    • VISION40 faculties are certainly permanent and that ensures longstanding student-faculty relationship.
    • At VISION40, all batches are taken care of by the same set of faculties with extensive expertise in their subjects, same study material, and same assignments, same test papers. The basis of batch formation and batch reshuffling is the pace of their learning.

At Vision40 we provide:

      • Well researched, systematic study material.
      • Incomparable and interactive teaching.
      • Structured and systematic working:
        That is supported by study material, DPPs, Chapter End Assignments, Educational Tab etc.
      • Systematic – Statistical Periodic Tests:
        It includes Weekend Tests and Monthly Cumulative Tests.
      • Intensive and Scientific Revision Program:
        It includes Revision Part Assessment Test (RPAT), Topic Mastery Test (TMT) and Revision Full Assessment Test (RFAT).
      • Micro Analysis of Tests and Assignments:
        It includes subject wise performance, question wise error, Time based analysis etc.
      • Enriched Laboratory:
        Periodic experiments parallel to the class imparts greater perfection to visualization of the subjects.
      • Multimedia edge:
        Explanation of some complicated topics through videos and animations.
      • Demonstration with Models:
        It is quite helpful to explain Organic chemistry and solid states.
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Corporate Office: Shanti Towers, '6' No. 'X' Road Amberpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500013.
Branches: New Nallakunta, Kothapet, A S Rao Nagar.