Ten on ten in all aspects of education

Being an innovative institution requires an unparalleled combination of futuristic vision and strong faculty team to transform relentless efforts into clear results. It means to recognise the competitive advantages that a teaching methodology can bring to a classroom of budding students, and effectively drive change. And to have the confidence to face the challenges of rewriting rules.

In view of encompassing all of the above, it is evident that VISION40 is not just another IIT coaching institute. Decades of teaching experience enabled its founders to understand the shortcomings that continue to plague corporate institutions. The fundamental difference between them and VISION40 lies in the approach of the latter’s management. While the former are managed by non-academic personnel who view education as a business, the management team of VISION40 comprises of talented teachers with passion for teaching and respect for knowledge.

Ten reasons why you can count on VISION40:

1. VISION40 is established and run by eminent faculty members who have worked for various institutes and have been instrumental in producing TOP IIT JEE ranks such as AIR 1,2,3 and so on

2. VISION40 limits the class strength to only 40 students while others keep 80 to 120 students per class.

3. The faculty members of VISION40 know the name of each and every student in the class while at other coaching institutes students usually do not know the name of faculty.

4. At VISION40, faculty members teach as per the pace of learning of students while other institutes faculty follow their own pace to complete the syllabus.

5. Students get enough time to interact with VISION40 faculty for doubt clarification while at other institute this is the rarest case.

6. The syllabus at VISION40 is completed comfortably, followed by 3 months of revision. At some institutes, syllabus is completed like revision while at other institutes syllabus is never completed.

7. At VISION40, the standard of DPPs, Assignments and Test papers is unmatchable.

8. VISION40 campus is marked by disciplined and friendly environment with high-end infrastructure and ambience to support learning.

9. The VISION40 team is vibrant and dynamic with open minded faculty members who are ever ready to take concrete steps at all times.

10. Not only the entire faculty team of VISION40 is dedicated and committed, it is well-prepared to create history in the field of coaching.

Phone: 7306404040
Corporate Office: Shanti Towers, '6' No. 'X' Road Amberpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500013.
Branches: New Nallakunta, Kothapet, A S Rao Nagar.