Vishishta (Evening Classes)

For Class XI and XII students enrolled in various CBSE and ISC board schools for BITSAT.

  • VISION40 is established and run by TOP faculties in IIT coaching who worked for various institutes and have been instrumental in producing TOP IIT JEE ranks such as AIR 1,2,3 etc.
  • VISION40 keeps only 40 students in one class while others keep 80 to 120 students per class.
  • At Vision40 all faculty know the name of each and every student in the class while at other coaching institute usually students do not know the name of faculty.
  • At Vision40 faculty teach as per the pace of learning of students while at other institute faculty follow the pace to complete the syllabus.
  • At Vision40 students get enough time to interact with faculty for doubt clarification and all while at other institute this is the rarest case.
  • At Vision40 syllabus is completed comfortably and that is followed by 3 months revision also. While At some institutes syllabus is completed like revision and at some other institutes syllabus is not completed ever.
  • At vision40 the standard of DPPs, Assignments and Test papers is unmatchable.
  • Disciplined and friendly environment.
  • High end infrastructure and ambience.
  • Vision40 is new, team of young dynamic open minded faculties, ready to conceive any good move, dedicated and committed to create history in the field of Coaching.
Class Venue

Gyanavapi Junior College


“Unbelievable but true. The dedication of VISION40’s faculty team is an example in itself. Thank you very much for changing my daughter’s attitude towards learning.”


“It’s amazing how the faculty team at VISION40 is able to achieve such notable success in teaching without stressing the students. Other coaching centres should learn from VISION40’s approach.”


“I am happy to have enrolled my son in VISION40’s Integrated JEE Coaching. Not only did my son attained success through it, but he was always in good temperament.”

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